The Impact

Egypt مصر

Flora's connection to the Middle East, particularly Egypt, deepened from her travels to the region, where she formed meaningful relationships with the local communities. These connections have become partnerships as they work together to implement vital water infrastructure projects.

‍The team has successfully implemented water pipelines addressing the crucial need for clean, accessible water. These initiatives have significantly improved living conditions by providing reliable water sources to communities, particularly in rural areas where water scarcity has historically hindered daily life and development. These efforts enhance the quality of life but also support sustainable agricultural practices and overall community resilience.

Sabil al Arab - 2024

Despite its historical significance, the local community struggles with poverty, limited access to clean water, and inadequate healthcare. The tourism drawn by the temple of Kom Ombo does little to alleviate the widespread hardship among residents, underscoring the need for sustainable development to improve living conditions in the region.

Ai Sadaka (Zourzara) - 2024

Zourzara, like many villages in the Aswan area, face economic challenges, with limited access to modern amenities and infrastructure. Access to clean water and almost inexistant healthcare is a critical issue.